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Focusing exclusively on higher education, EdStratX provides Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) strategic insights and research solutions to stay informed and shape strategic priorities to be more market competitive.

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Domestic & International Rankings

In Depth Analysis of the international and Domestic Ranking Systems and improved performance year on year.


Institute of Eminence strategy

Complete application and initial proposal preparation. With solutions to monitor the progress of the IoE project once the status is granted.


Strategic Planning

Align your institution’s academic portfolio with its mission, brand and revenue drivers.

Our Objective

Your Institution’s Biggest Challenges, Solved by Higher Education Veterans

To provide strategic insights and research solutions to inform and shape strategic priorities of Higher Education Institutes by the higher education Veterans.

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A Passion For Higher Education Research And Advisory

We want everyone at EdStratX Research & Advisory to take pride in helping our clients achieve results—that might mean the launch of a new academic program, new student enrolments, improved retention and graduation rates, or better financial sustainability. In short, we want you to come to work because you genuinely care about helping our clients get better.

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India Entry Strategy

Management Consulting

Management Outsourcing

Education Process Outsourcing

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EdStratX is a one stop solution for devising strategies to improve the global and domestic rank of your institute. They are expert in finding out the pain-points which are hampering the growth of your institution. The strategies suggested by them especially when it comes to internationalization and perception building are truly unique. Our team will constantly be in touch with them. Looking forward to more engaging sessions. Thanks & Warm Regards

Prof. (Dr.) Anupam Shukla, Director


Association of KIET with EdStratX was extremely rewarding. My IQAC team had plenty of takeaways for the current as well as future NIRF rankings. The strategies suggested by them are very organic in nature and we would be implementing them to boost our domestic and internationals rankings. We shall continue to be in touch. Thanks & Warm Regards.

Dr. (Col) Amik Garg. Director, Chairperson of IQAC

KIET – Ghaziabad

Improving global ranks of Higher Education Institutions requires an innovative and out of the box thinking. The thought process and approach of EdStratX team is very organic in nature when it comes to internationalization and perception building. The micro level metric analysis for several international ranking system which they provide is very insightful. I truly appreciate this unique endeavour. Best Wishes and Regards

Prof. (Dr.) V. Ramgopal Rao, Pillay Chair Professor in EE

Past Director of IIT Delhi
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